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Micro Machines presents you Precision, Accuracy, Quality, Durability, Rigidity, Reliability, Productivity, Flexibility & Economy in Centreless Grinding Technology. The grinders are designed to satisfy ever increasing demands of modern industry. With Plunge Cut and Through feed you can grind a wide range of materials like hardened and unhardened steel, cast iron, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, etc. with suitable grinding wheels. Grinding of cylinders, long bars, steeped cylinders, tapered parts, profiled jobs etc. can be ground.

Grinder Bed is on piece seasoned graded cast iron. The place on which slides are mounted is made extremely rigid by providing ribs that form a grid structure. It minimizes vibrations. Grinding Wheel head is fixed. The grinding wheel spindle is made of alloy steel. The spindle is case hardened to improve the wear resistance and toughness of the spindle. The bearings are either taper roller bearings or Bush Type. Spindle runs in an oil filled chamber. The drive to this spindle is by V-Belts.

Regulating Wheel side has two slides thoroughly scrapped to match each other. The slides are uniformly loaded all along the length of travel by tapered wedges this feature helps in uniform motion without vibration leading to longer life of slides than conventional design. Regulating wheel slide can be swiveled in horizontal plane to provide perfect contact between the job and grinding wheel in through feed and plunge cut grinding operation. This feature helps in saving undue dressing of grinding wheel

Regulating Wheel assembly can be swiveled in vertical plane to get desired feed of workpiece when through feed grinding. In doing so the regulating wheel is to be dressed in hyperbolic shape so that perfect line contact is obtained between regulating wheel, workpiece and workrest. The regulating wheel is driven by alloy steel worm and phosphorous bronze worm wheel. The regulating wheel shaft has an outboard support to avoid vibration during grinding operation.


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